Which is Better, indoor or outdoor cannabis growth? 

What’s different between outdoor and indoor buds? There actually is not much of a difference if you know how to grow, but for others, it can actually be significant. Here, we’ll discuss the difference between each of these. 

First let’s talk about the difference that’s obvious. The first is the size. Due to the lack of floors, ceilings, and whatnot, these plants can’t grow as high or as wide as they may outside and this may cause the buds to be much bigger. So yes, if you grow them outside, they’re going to be far bigger. 

But the differences aren’t just there they’re actually all over the place, and worth mentioning if you’re curious about the differences in growth on this. 

Color differences 

In general, cannabis that outdoors tends to be a much darker shade of green, and they usually have a more sunbaked look to them than those that are grown inside, and it can make the flowers look a little drier and whatnot. 

It does create a weathered texture if they’re growth outside, whereas on the inside it may not be as weathered. 

In the indoor growth, some people have been able to make them look much greener, or a bit purple or reddish, due to the pigments that they’re able to express. While genetics is a big underpin of this to a large degree, having cooler temperatures usually relates t this. 

The Size difference Beyond buds 

The size difference is one of the biggest ones, but also the root sizes is another part of this. 

Outdoor plants are bigger than those indoors. While there are exceptions, most of the time the outdoor ones tend to have more chances to spread roots underground and from there extend the canopies that are above the ground. 

When grown outside there are extensive ferries of foots, allowing for outdoor plants to work well in pretty much any of these situations, which offers not only bigger buds, but also chunkier too. 

Depending on bud manicuring, you also may want to look for the branches as well. Outdoor plants are thicker and sturdier, and usually they branch out a lot more than those indoors, simply because they grow larger as well, and are more adapted to what’s called wind stress. 

Indoor buds are denser, smaller, and you do notice the constraints of growing within the tents. Usually, the growers are able to create more denser and compacter ones, which means you’re getting a powerful bud in a smaller size. 

The flavor differences 

Did you know that it can affect the flavor profile. 

Light especially artificial light does cause the growing to be quite different. While most of them don’t emit UV light, some of them do have UV bulbs that are similar t the sun. 

Outdoor plants get more exposure to UV light, which means that the rays are then divided, and from there, they’re able to handle each type of ray. 

UV radiation makes a difference in the damage that it causes. While plants have a way to protect themselves from this, there is also the layer. 

Outdoor plants have this in the form of terpenes, which are more aromatic, and usually, they underpin a ton of the flavors. Some of the indoor growers are able to achieve this with UVA radiation from the bulbs, and it can mimic the sun. 

However, due to the lack of UVB rays, this does affect the flavor profile.  Usually outdoor ones offer a more superior flavor due to the fact that the increase in the UVB exposure offers more protection, puts this at risk of damaging, and usually incorporates a larger production and better buds.

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